17 June 2010

Be happy!

Dear friends,
According to Malaysian Psychiatric Association, the lifetime occurrence of depression in any country is between 8% to 10%.
How to overcome this problem?

Everyone in this world is seaching for happiness.
How to be happy?

Firstly you must have positive self-esteem.
Secondly you must like yourself and believe to  be smarter, healthier, and more sociable.
You must also be optimistic, extroverted, and tend to have a more realistic perspective regarding negative experiences. You can  feel like you are in control of your life.
 Have close relationships with supportive friends and family, intimacy within marriage. Caring and loving relationships are a priority in the pursuit of happiness.
  Find your work to be a positive experience  where you feel challenged and engaged, without feeling overwhelmed.
The most important thing is if you're always remember and pray to GOD
the more happier you are.

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