12 July 2010

My daughters

 My daughters are precious gift from Allah.
They are everything to me.
And I would do anything to protect them
They grow up so quickly.
I want my children to grow up to be responsible adults. 
I want them to learn to feel, think, and act with respect
for themselves and for other people.
My daughters have always had  a closer relationship with me. 
They will listen to my advice most of the time.
Now, my daughters had  boyfriends and  busy social life with her buddies from universities.
 I understand and try to accept this.
Their lives are blossoming and it is only natural, very natural for them to want to socialise with their friends.



Mrs. Att :) said...

I love you the most.
I would do anything for your happiness.

ecca zulaikha said...

we will always be with you, mommy (;

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